Transforming together
to improve the human experience

Transforming together
to improve the human experience

Bridjr is co-created with clients to deliver

epic value creation.

We are a disruptive platform for transformation design and delivery.

Human by design,

we bridge

people and technology

to innovate for 

radical transformation.

Hello there! Welcome to Bridjr.

We invite you to look around and learn what makes us tick.

Bridjr delivers value to clients like you by taking a human-first approach to close the gaps inside transformation. We’ve even built the model for exponential value creation that delivers digital ecosystemsthe next step in experience design.

These days, far too many digital transformation projects over-focus on technology while under-serving experience. So, we flip it around. Bridjr is all about the transformation of digital, which is human-centered and enabled by digital. 

If you’re passionate about these topics, we want you to know that we’re here to help organizations like yours. Together, let’s innovate with purpose and grow profitably, while positively impacting your customers, employees, and communities. 

We designed Bridjr with leaders like you. We hope to capture your imagination and inspire your work.

Radical Transformation, it’s what we do 

Radical insights

Our approach to human-centered design uncovers insights to radically improve experience. Transformation Science is what Bridjr does to bring the organization closer to employees and customers.

Transformative action

Bridjr is in-it-to-win-it with you over the long haul. Count on our expertise through prototypes, minimum viable experiences, testing, and launch of your co-created solution. 

Intentional integration 

We address your biggest pains — silos of insights, strategies and pockets of innovation. With Bridjr, we take an ecosystem approach to deliver remarkable  products, services and experiences. Leverage API integration with Bridjr digital know-how.

Real-world impact

Encapsulated in Bridjr CHX™, we create value for all the humans involved in a transformation. That means real-world, measurable impact.


We live in a world where we are taught from the start that we are thinking creatures that feel. 

The truth is, we are feeling creatures that think.

— Jill Bolte Taylor

We’re all about value creation 

Our work pays back in ROI

Value creation is in Bridjr DNA. Explore how our methods bridge customer and employee experiences with business process with technology to bring innovation to life. 

Bridjr CHX™ is our model for value creation in a collective, connected human experience.

ChangeTech is our proprietary design and delivery model for tangible transformation outcomes.


Ecosystem experiences are driving the innovation economy.

Bridjr thrives on looking past the obvious and connecting the dots within transformation. We understand you and your priorities unlike others, in a way that makes transformation work for your organization and culture.

We know there are too many gaps inside many businesses for innovation to gain the traction it needs to take hold. We’ve heard from clients like you about the pain of disjointed consulting and siloed transformation activity.

That’s why we are holistic in our approach to human-first digital transformation. You can count on Bridjr to iterate with you as we learn about your organization, combining CX innovation with business model innovation to unlock value at each stage of growth.

Bridjr shines at bridging the humans, systems and siloes within complex projects to transform your vision to reality. We love working in this space. Let us help you pull the pieces together to deliver epic value.

Bridjr helps you connect:

Bridjr is co-created with clients just like you

Listening with empathy to understand the lived experiences of clients like you helped us design a truly great innovation consultancy.

Bridjr is co-created with clients just like you

Listening with empathy to understand the lived experiences of clients like you helped us design a truly great innovation consultancy.

Humanizing Digital Transformation

The H2D Collective is a group of industry-leading experts and brands dedicated to putting humans at the center of your digital transformation. Our combined expertise provides a human-centric and agile approach that ensures technology helps your team deliver world-class customer experiences.

Bridjr is human by design

Bridjr listens with empathy to deepen our understanding. As a springboard to innovation, we create space to hear and see each other — a safe space where we acknowledge each other’s stories and contributions. To co-create value requires Bridjr be excellent listeners and masterful co-creators.

Farah Joy Basha

Innovation Design Consultant

A trained industrial designer, Joy has a deep passion for human-centered design. Shes a gifted facilitator, natural communicator and is always up for experimentation and applying new techniques.


Tony Kempen

Creative Director

With a knack for elegant brand and visual design, Tony is exceptionally creative. A strong communicator, Tony adds a visual layer to our design thinking discipline.


Seher Dar

Customer Experience Design Analyst

A recent graduate in communications and digital media, Seher coordinates key activities and contributes to projects. You can always count on Seher for her incredible smile and keener attitude. Before joining us, Seher worked as a digital associate for TD Bank where she contributed chatbot planning and competitive social media sentiment analysis.



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Bridjr is a global transformation design and delivery company. Human by design, Bridjr is for change-makers inside organizations who need help bridging the gaps in transformation design and delivery.