Bridjr designs beyond products, services and journeys

Human-centered digital ecosystem design

Beware of the transformation gap

A recent survey of directors, CEOs and senior executives found digital transformation risk is their #1 concern. And it makes sense given that 70% of all digital transformation initiatives fall short. Here’s the kicker, of the $1.3 trillion spent on digital transformation, it’s estimated that $9 billion went to waste. Yikes!

Disrupt this pattern

Digital-first tech-focused transformations are failing because what’s missing is how the technology is enabling human connection. Competitive advantage isn’t fueled by the implementation of  tech, but the relevant application of the solution in your customer’s lives. ​

In a world where only 4% of service design innovation efforts get implemented, Bridjr closes gaps in implementation of the co-created solution. Bridjr sticks around to make the transformation of digital happen in your organization. ​

It’s time for the transformation of digital. Humans come first, then technology. It’s time to work with Bridjr.​

The Bridjr 4: Transformation Essentials

A low-touch world demands a more human connection

How we connect with each other has changed. Never has the human connection been more important.

Getting meta, we co-create co-creation

Bridjr uses co-creation with our clients to ensure we create the right co-creation program for your organization. Working with Bridjr is different than with other consultants. We actively structure your participation in our work. This level of engagement allows us to iterate as opportunities arise.

The co-creation we do with our clients’ customers and employees is powerful. We bridge the disconnect between your strategy and the humans you serve through listening, empathy and curiosity. 

Ecosystem design: emergence and interconnectedness

Designing a strategy to mobilize a platform doesn’t work if no ecosystem is there to be mobilized. Platform strategies need to be designed to help an existing ecosystem to emerge, thrive and work better. With Bridjr, platform design is the equivalent of plugging wires between electric potential. Where a potential exists, the current will flow.

Bridjr’s CHX™ empowers an organization to win the non-zero-sum game by recognizing relationships are at the heart of ecosystems – the value that gets created in the exchange is greater than the original sum of fragmented needs and solutions … so everyone wins. 

To grow, you must innovate. To innovate you must be willing to push past the edges of where you are today

That’s why we say new innovations are cutting edge or leading-edge. How we connect with each other has changed. Never has the human connection been more important.

Often organizations try to innovate at the center because that’s where decision makers sit and where it’s most stable. But, that stable middle ground is not where innovation flourishes. The farther away you initiate your innovation from the center of your organization, the more likely you are to uncover new, disruptive ideas.​

Getting away from the center and initiating your search for ideas at the edge, is going to feel edgy both emotionally and practically. And that’s a good thing; it means you’re on the right track. Imagine the edge as the division between where you are, and where you want to be. The edge must be crossed!​

Pushing beyond the boundaries of the center, surface edges for reinvention:​

Customer edges, e.g., what your customers needed before the pandemic and what they need now​

Product or service edges, e.g., tweak your current offerings vs. uncover a disruptive opportunity to add value​

Cultural edges, e.g., shift toward experimentation over stability​

​Innovate from the outside in.​​
Embrace all the edges.​
Push past the boundaries of your core to expand your potential for growth.​
Be edgy, it’s a good thing.​

Human-Centered and Service Design

Including journey mapping, service blueprinting, business and systems design, ethnographic research, human-centered design research, generative workshops, prototyping, design sprints, co-creation, and change theory.



Including journey mapping, service blueprinting, business and systems design, ethnographic research, human-centered design research, generative workshops, prototyping, design sprints, co-creation, and change theory.

Fund Your Future-Building

An exploration of the cost of managing capabilities to uncover inefficiencies and release funding by streamlining support costs. Because this work is done at the enterprise level, it optimizes the ability to spend budget on transformation and innovation priorities.

Transformation Science

The simple definition of the word science is “the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.” That’s exactly what we do with the complex work of transformation and why we coined the term “transformation science”. ​

We combine several scientific disciplines like human-centered design, psychology, neurolinguistics, and data science to help organizations develop the critically important connected, collected human experience which elevates transformation efforts to achieve epic value creation. Bridjr’s magic is in the pursuit, connection and application of knowledge derived from transformation science that ultimately creates integrated breakthrough experiences. ​


Bridjr has your customer experience tech stack covered with API ecosystems (infrastructure and design), UX/UI design, CRM, e-commerce, and custom software development.


Help for making the changes required to sustain transformation including roadmaps, stakeholder co-creation, collective impact planning and governance, metrics and measurement, change management, learning journeys and training development.


Taking new innovations and experiences to market including branding, market research, value proposition design, message development and initial builds. Then support with cross-channel marketing and communication, development and production.

Innovation at Scale

Supporting your journey to scale innovation with human-centered agile transformation, client advocacy panels, establishing centers of excellence for customer experience, human-centered design and innovation.

Relationship Systems Intelligence and Coaching

Bridjr goes beyond solving problems on the individual level to harness the collective power of your entire system.

ORSC is  a groundbreaking philosophy that draws on collective intelligence to work toward a common goal, as well as a toolbox of effective strategies that can adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

This approach incorporates concepts from process work, organization development theory, quantum physics, co-active coaching and alternative dispute resolution to coach from a systems perspective. Leaders learn to influence rather than manage, empowering collaborative and resilient systems capable of adapting rapidly to change.

Fractional Leadership and Staff Augmentation Support

As organizations transform they often find they’re short on talent. Fractional leadership is a way forward. Our clients avail themselves of our extensive network of senior executives and talent at all levels who are prepared to commit to a part-time or full-time contractual role with your organization. Let Bridjr help fill your talent and leadership gaps.

With our disruptive approach, Bridjr applies the science of transformation to advance the human experience with (and in) your organization. 

Achieve spectacular transformation outcomes:

  • Define the moments that matter to your customer so you can prioritize your investment

  • Translate insights into revenue opportunities and epic value creation

  • Design digital ecosystems that elevate your customer experience to legendary status

  • Develop and deliver the tech foundation to scale and future-proof your experience

  • Create and implement your go-to-market roadmap so your bright ideas and innovation investment come to life

Value creation is a hallmark of Bridjr’s work.

Drawing inspiration from the work of Jim Kalbach


Value is a much richer, more dynamic concept than cost and revenue when human behaviour and emotions are involved. Value is a perceived benefit.

Today, successful organizations continually innovate and expand their horizons. They must grow by questioning the type and scope of the value they create.


Clients love working with Bridjr

I have come to rely on the depth of counsel Bridjr provides. They blow me away with their intelligence, smarts about our business, knowledge of transformation, and commitment to value creation. It’s not just all head with Bridjr, there’s heart too, their passion for our business makes a difference.​

Bernie Borgeson
AVP, Client Experience, Canadian Western Bank

Bridjr helps our business co-create — bringing strategy and clients together to build something where the outcomes drive real value. Customer experience is an essential differentiator, and the human-centered design work that Bridjr facilitates with clients and employees helps us make foundational change that drives our growth. ​

Bernie Borgeson
AVP, Client Experience, Canadian Western Bank

My team loved working with Anita’s team. The ongoing exchange of ideas, discourse, and mutual elevation meant that all parties were constantly learning and growing as we tracked progress toward our goal.

Ariel Sim
Design Practice Lead, MaRS Discovery District

I appreciated the aura of trust the Bridjr lead and co-created with us. They showed up as partners, were super flexible in adjusting to our needs, and built the space for us to ideate, collaborate, educate, and create. The crucial difference is that Bridjr coached and co-created the work with us. We felt ownership and pride in the work because our team contributed and saw their contributions reflected in the outputs.

Chris Markovic
CEO at PMA Brethour Group

I appreciate Bridjr’s ability and commitment to challenge us, as clients. It shows they’re not just people pleasers. Instead they show up as true partners to ensure what we build together is relevant, strong and sustainable for now and for the future. ​ 

Karen Nguyen
Director, Marketing, CWB Wealth Management

Right from the beginning, what was different about Bridjr was how they used smart, insightful questions to get to the heart of the matter. Most firms don’t invest the time and effort to go that deep but I was amazed at Bridjr’s ability to connect the dots. 

Karen Nguyen
Director, Marketing, CWB Wealth Management

Bridjr is different by design from traditional consultancies. We enable leaders like you to harness the power of collective impact. Bridjr designs for experience and for ecosystems, identifying opportunities for you to move outside your organization to deliver remarkable solutions for your customers. Achieve break-through innovation and create new value with Bridjr.


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Bridjr is a global transformation design and delivery company. Human by design, Bridjr is for change-makers inside organizations who need help bridging the gaps in transformation design and delivery.