Voices of our clients

Co-creating Bridjr with clients like you

To ensure Bridjr is the partner clients need and want, we used our own human-centered design research techniques, to learn about their lived experiences working with consultants.

We co-create Bridjr with client inputs and feedback at every step of the way. It’s an active process that’s in service to delivering epic value and an exceptional client experience. If you work with us, you’ll see it in action.

Read on to explore some of our insights into clients.

Research with clients like you gives us the insights we need to design the products and services you need.

The Bridjr client profile:

Visionary, innovator, change maker

5–25+ years of work experience

Working in the non-profit and public sectors and with businesses from large enterprise to startups

20+ consulting engagements managed with consultancies ranging from 1–100,000 employees

Budgets for consulting engagements range from $50,000 into the high six-figures+

Take this quick quiz based on our clients’ experiences and check your result below.

Check each box if you have you experienced consultants who:

Start with great fanfare and then quickly lose steam / it's all downhill from there
Deliver boilerplate outputs that aren’t uniquely tailored to your company
Stop working when the budget’s gone even if they haven’t delivered on the scope of work
Playback exactly what you told them with no new insight
Are foggy on the outcomes of the work
Leave you unable to communicate the impact of the work
Create outputs with little understanding of how to implement
Provide cookie-cutter approaches / one-size-fits all thinking
Don’t help you tell the story of the work to gain support internally
Nickel and dime for any scope change
Leave you to fend for yourself after the engagement
Complete the work in a black box without giving you a chance for inputs until it's too late
Staff the project with junior-level resources
Give you insights not specific to your problem
Aren’t interested in helping you develop as a professional nor empowering you as a leader

All 1 questions completed!

Take this quick quiz based on our clients’ experiences and check your result below.

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What clients want

What clients want


Make sure that I am heard. Ensure my team is listened to. Help me solidify my vision and objectives. Ensure that I am well equipped to speak to and lead during your engagement. Make me feel confident that my organization can deliver after you leave.” 


I’m still on the hook after you leave. Crystalize the vision. Give me clarity. Help me make decisions. Help me get results, give me specific, actionable plans that work for my business so I can reach my goal. Help me demonstrate that the change is working.”


Give me realistic actionable plans. Take the right amount of time to understand me. Tell me something new and relevant to my problem. Don’t give me a bunch of industry insights that aren’t specific to my objective.” 


Do what you say you’re going to do. Sure, we have a contract, but I need you to work to the intent of the statement of work. I love it when you surprise me with something extra or unexpected at no extra charge.” 


Help me get the job done. Give me realistic, actionable plans. Don’t just give me a pretty PowerPoint deck. Help me maintain the momentum and stay with me to get us started.”


Help me “prove” that my idea was right. I need your independence to lend credibility.  Help me create a compelling message, because I cannot sell it on my own. Help me carry the strategy and solution throughout my organization to gain buy-in.” 

According to clients, these are the top seven features of successful consulting engagements:


Bespoke engagement specific to solving your business issue.


Implemented solution with demonstrated impact.


No-hassle engagement with a professional team.


Growth in revenue, margin, market share.


Expertise to help me plan, and scale innovation inside my business.


Partnership with my consultant and trust that we are in it together.


Empower me to drive lasting change inside my company.


Clients love working with Bridjr

The final deliverable from Bridjr was the caliber of what you’d expect from a top-tier consulting firm, but it was so much better because it was intimate and personal, and made relevant to the team.

The report was useful, thoughtful, and gave us what we need to do our job without having to decode consultant-speak. There’s also been a lasting effect on everyone who participated in the work with Bridjr. They universally felt inspired and had a spring in their step for having been involved in something so profound.

Chris Markovic
CEO at PMA Brethour Group

The gap between co-created solution and making it a tangible offering is closed by Bridjr’s ability to implement. It’s a difference maker as transformation becomes reality.

Bernie Borgeson
AVP, Client Experience, Canadian Western Bank

We looked at other top firms, and Bridjr stood out in the pack because they approached it from a strategic and tactical level with a spirit of exploration. Bridjr stood out with its’ intimate consultive approach to understanding our opportunity.

Overall, Bridjr gave us the confidence, clarity and methods to grow with purpose and impact. What stands out is that Bridjr helped us get our heads out of the sand; they helped us see the importance of being methodical in approaching growth, so that expanding doesn’t result in exploding.

Chris Markovic
CEO at PMA Brethour Group

They understood where we came from, who we are today, and where we want to go – not just from a business perspective, but the bigger mission we are building towards. Partnering with the Bridjr team is like having a partner in crime, someone right next to you, rolling up their sleeves, and doing what needs to be done for our company and our clients.

Karen Nguyen
Director, Marketing, CWB Wealth Management

It’s refreshing to work with a team who cares enough to learn our business and who are as connected to our mission and success as much as we are. The curiosity, intelligence, heart and care Bridjr brings simply can’t be faked. The experience you provided us is what we strive to deliver for our clients.

Karen Nguyen
Director, Marketing, CWB Wealth Management

Bridjr is all about putting humans first in transformation. Get our perspective on transformation and learn more about what we do and how we do it.