Human by design

Bridjr tackles all challenges
by placing humans first

Value creation is a hallmark of Bridjr’s work.

The post Covid-19 era will have an economy shaped by new habits and regulations based on reduced close-contact interaction and tighter travel and hygiene restrictions.

The current disruption will change how we eat, work, shop, exercise, manage our health, socialize, and spend our free time — at an unprecedented rate of change.

Tools to use as you make this essential shift:

Value Proposition Canvases and Empathy Maps
Uncover latent customer needs and surface breakthrough opportunities

Innovation & Scenario Planning Blueprints
Define benefits you expect from your innovation strategy to determine the most suitable program to activate.


Future-proofing Mission Maps & Client Journey Maps
Summarise your key insights to shape a clear innovation mission statement and build future state journey maps.

Ambition Matrix
Declare focus, ambition and balance your innovation portfolio

Custom development of new technologies

Innovation needs technology, and Bridjr has you covered. We have ecosystem partners of our own who specialize in custom development of new technologies. Importantly, having Bridjr lead on technology projects means an integrated implementation.

Java, SAP, eCommerce, Magento, web/mobile development, blockchain, AI, application outsourcing, APIs, cloud…we have bench strength in custom development to bring innovations to life.

Achieve break-through innovation and create new value with Bridjr.

Are you ready to talk about working together?

We are open, willing and ready to collaborate

Bridjr’s operating system, ChangeTech, has built in knowledge transfer to you, and your team. We take every opportunity to share, coach and teach about our methods, findings and practices.

It is crucial that you be able to share the story of the work. That’s why we’ll help you craft that story and support you in developing it visually.

We commit deeply to the work, actively seeking your inputs and feedback as we go.

Meaningful Meetings

North American companies are chronically overbooked with meetings. We know many of our clients are scheduled back-to-back, with little time for meaningful work. Meetings for the sake of meeting are a waste of precious time and a drag.

We know meetings can be better. That’s why Bridjr ChangeTech combines documentation, sharing of work-in-progress, and meaningful meetings Work with us and you’ll experience Quality Time, Reports Out, Brainstorms, Workshops and more.