Anita Ghosh

Chief  Officer

Bridjr founder and CEO, Anita Ghosh is a people person, first and foremost. As a leader she has tremendous capacity for empathy.  

To have a discussion with her will leave you inspired, curious and feeling heard. She views each interaction as an opportunity to understand and respond.  

Two short years ago, Anita was sitting in a big corporate banking job with a customer experience mandate to deliver.  

She was frustrated with consultants large and small who just weren’t hitting the mark. She left that bank job to start Bridjr. Right from the start Anita and team have been engaged by top tier clients.

Anita set out to bring more of the best of humanity to business while making it her mission to help leaders achieve their vision and have huge impact. 

For Anita, the role of CEO is more than a title. It’s a philosophy that guides how she shows up and the purpose she fulfills through the work. She brings a passion for the work and a commercial drive to get results that lift teams, shift mindsets and inspire the unimaginable.

Leadership experience 







Anita’s corporate career included half a dozen major transformation initiatives including, taking on omnichannel re-platforming and experience transformation for a major financial company. Anita has delivered sales and customer experience transformation for call centers, across North America.

She was responsible for innovation capability building inside an enterprise including strategy, global target operating model, metrics, and signature methods all tailored to the organization’s ecosystem. Anita’s experience includes developing a global loyalty strategy including revenue re-engineering for a large portfolio.


Over the two decadesAnita has helped organizations navigate the intersect between strategy, experience design, and transformation delivery. She marries innovation with business objectives tcreate value for end users, employees and shareholders.  

Anita enables organizations to achieve the highest levels of collaboration, integration, and implementation to innovate effectively and meaningfully  making big visions real is what Anita lives for and does best.  


As a leader, I believe deeply in paying it forward and embodying servant leadership. I strive to enable and elevate teams to reach their fullest potential. I lead with empathy and create emotional, intellectual and psychological safety for teams so they can bring their fullest, most authentic selves to the workplace, in pursuit of unimaginable excellence. In doing so, teams feel a sense of belonging and safety that enables them to raise their game, have higher impact, become loyal advocates, and find joy in their work and workplaces.  

Clients and teams who collaborate with Anita know that the collective goal is to be best in world while changing the world. 


Anita is currently serving as donor and changemakerat the Trust Collective as part of the Toronto Foundation. She is on the board of directors at OCAD U CO.  

Anita current pro bono work is in support of diverse women in business and entrepreneurship.  


Invited to participate at World Economic Forum, Anita is currently a Fellow at BlockBase Davos.

Frequently asked to speak, Anita has engaged and inspired audiences at Stanford D. School, the Quadient Global CX Forum and at the Canadian Fintech Summit.


People love working with Anita

Anita’s bold connected customer experience vision was infectious and inspired even the most stubborn non-believers. Anita is one of the leaders that makes history starting from a blank sheet of paper and leaves a legacy of sustainable impact no matter what wicked problems she tackles.

Victor Skrylev
VP of Product at Purefacts

Anita is a visionary and movement maker. Her ability to see connections, combined with her strategic thinking and executional excellence allow her to lead transformational change and truly raise the bar on large-scale initiatives. She leads with empathy and compassion and uses powerful storytelling to activate teams around a shared vision.

Anmol Kaur
Founder at Stepwell Studio and Product Owner, Bank of Montreal

Anita is one of the few leaders I’ve ever worked with who straddles negotiations with co-working, and business modelling with service design. Most powerfully, she confidently occupies space as the core node and architect of change when an organization is ready to embrace transformation.

Ariel Sim
Design Practice Lead, MaRS Discovery District

Anita is an inspirational leader who can galvanize a broader team to deliver exceptional outcomes. Anita is a strategic forward thinker who has strong business acumen and a passion for challenging the status quo to push organizations to think beyond their industry paradigm to deliver best in class solutions. Anita is a strong collaborator who has demonstrated evidence of delivering exceptional results

Ben Wands
Managing Director, Head of Credit Card Acquisition and Portfolio Management, BMO Financial Group

Anita is a ruthless defender of the customer and user, but also able to ladder things up to the big picture and enterprise strategy in a super-rare and elegant way.

Kevin Morris
CEO, OCAD University Co


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Bridjr is a global transformation design and delivery company. Human by design, Bridjr is for change-makers inside organizations who need help bridging the gaps in transformation design and delivery.