United in curiosity, empathy and passion for the work

From the moment we meet we show up as one team with our clients. We’re an extension of your team without boundaries and disconnects often experienced in consulting partnerships. We take time to know you, learn about your culture, and understand your organization. We’re a team and that includes you, our client.


We asked the Bridjr team what they love most about working with clients: 

“Watching ideas become practical solutions that transform companies. And that injection of excitement and enthusiasm into an organization’s corporate culture.” 

Deep and meaningful collaboration to solve problems, meet challenges and capitalize on opportunities.” 

“Getting to know the people behind a business or problem to truly deliver benefit.” 

“Co-designing and innovating on blind-spot opportunities to create impact.” 

At Bridjr, our humanity and depth of understanding differentiates us in a world increasingly reliant on machines and algorithms. 

Our people are fun-loving, smart and empathetic with a commitment to consensusbuilding and an ability to thrive despite the pace of change. 

We've been in your shoes

Large transformation program to deliver? Our founder and many of our team have been there. We’ve known the glory of success and we understand your challenges. We are your advocate, and in your corner because we believe you have the passion and resilience to make your vision a reality.

We're the real deal

We are a team of professionals with over 150 years combined leadership experience. We’ve worked companies ranging from the Fortune 500 to start-ups, with non-profits and the public sector. Finally, we bring a mix of corporate and tier-one consulting, giving our clients the best of both worlds.

Breakthrough digital and IT

Our senior leaders have been working at the edges of digital disruption for decades. In addition to our approach ecosystem APIs, our team has mastered design and development of systems, structures, technology, integration, interfaces and interactions.

Our secret sauce

The Bridjr team is obsessed with value creation and your experience as our client.
Strategy, research and digital disciplines cut across everything we do.

We've been in your shoes

We're the real deal

Breakthrough digital and IT

Our secret sauce

Meet the bridge-builders and magic-makers 

Anita Ghosh

Founder and CEO

Anita is the visionary heartbeat of Bridjr. Her intelligence and empathy set her apart. Her philosophy, values, corporate and consulting experience combine to help her clients achieve their desired future. Read Anita’s bio to learn more about this remarkable professional.

Ainsleigh Burelle

Innovation & Experience Design Strategist

As an impact-driven designer & researcher, Ainsleigh brings her multidisciplinary background in media, tech, product, and community building to the work of human-centered transformation. She’s especially excited by the power of participatory practices to create more equitable and sustainable futures.

Alyssa Yuhas

Innovation & Experience Design Strategist

Alyssa brings a hopeful, future-focused approach to design, through a systems-, futures-, and human-centred perspective. She’s collaborated with top brands, including Nike and the United Nations, driving projects from concept to impactful outcomes. With her Master’s of Design in strategic foresight and innovation she helps businesses stay agile, community-oriented and exciting.

Anne Walker

Senior Retail Advisor

Insightful, creative and commercially savvy, Anne blends decades of retail experience with a unique ability to translate consumer insight and emerging trends into lucrative growth opportunities. Through her breadth of experience spanning channels, categories and disciplines, she helps clients find their way to increased consumer loyalty and improved profitability.

Dr. Debbie Davy

Senior Director, Knowledge and Workflow Re-Invention

Effective and engaging, Dr. Debbie Davy, PhD (an experienced business leader, technical communicator, and rhetorician), empowers our clients to identify and retain their explicit and tacit knowledge and communicate the right messages to stakeholders. She combines application and theory to elevate the policies, processes, and procedures our clients need when they need them.

Emily Stover

Innovation & Experience Design Strategist

Creative and pragmatic, Emily is a systems thinker who helps clients find new ways to create value.  Combining a background in business, technology, design, and foresight, she is able to create innovative solutions to meet emerging market opportunities that balance end user needs with business goals.

Evelyn Reynolds

Senior Retail Advisor

Evelyn, a seasoned retail executive with 30+ years of global experience in luxury, mass, and specialty retail, excels in idea generation and fostering connections. Her expertise spans fashion, food, and retail services, creating emotionally resonant customer experiences that transcend transactions and consistently propel brands to top and bottom-line growth.

Jacqueline Spence

VP, Business Design and Program Delivery

A ninja-level innovator, Jacqueline, practices transformation strategy with an architectural approach. Along with complex program management expertise, she has deep expertise with business case development, enterprise architecture, business architecture and analysis.

Jocelyne Copeland

Innovation & Experience Design Strategist

A creative and empathetic innovation designer helping businesses discover unseen growth opportunities and deliver unparalleled client experiences. Her expertise in research design, systems thinking, and strategic foresight help clients understand how to thrive in the experience economy.

Lauren Jensen

Executive Growth Advisor

With an illustrious career as a Senior Business Executive in the financial services sector, Lauren boasts a proven track record of driving impactful customer outcomes. Her expertise spans Strategy, Business Growth & Transformation, Enterprise Capability Creation, Leadership, Culture Change, and Innovation. She is dedicated to crafting bold, next-gen customer and employee experiences, leveraging her unique understanding of both main street and wall street dynamics.